PERI arranges seminars on various socio-economic and policy issues and analytical tools. Some important seminars organized by PERI are as under:



  • PERI organised a Seminar/presentation on Excluded Property Ownership and Domestic Violence and Professional Development of Human Resource in the department for Economic Growth and Development on Monday, 7th May, 2018 at PERI seminar room from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
7 May, 2018
  • Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) organised a wonderful event on Launching/Poster Presentations of 'PERI Research Reports 2017' on 19th April, 2018 at Auditorium of Planning & Development Department, Civil Secretariat Lahore.
19 April, 2018
  • Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) in collaboration with Urban Unit and Planning and Development Department, Government of Punjab organised a Seminar on How to Make Punjab's Cities More Competitive on Friday October 20, 2017 at Crystal Hall, Faletti's Hotel, Lahore. This seminar aims was to bring together academics, researcher and policy makers from Pakistan, including government officials, economic experts, technical professionals, and other stakeholders to discuss the possible policy measure to make the cities of Punjab robust and more competitive.  
20 October, 2017
  • PERI organized a seminar titled "Social Policy Themes and Evaluation " at PERI office. Speaker was "Samuel Bickel" Regional Evaluation Advisor, UNICEF, South Asia. 
10 October, 2017
  • PERI organized an Extension lecture on "National Macroeconomic Management and Role of Provinces" at PC Hotel on September 26,2017 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.
26 September, 2017
  • PERI organized a seminar on “Challenges of Old Age in Pakistan.” The Lecture was delivered by Dr. Asghar Zaidi who is Professor in International Social Policy (University of Southampton) Visiting Professor, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (London School of Economics) Adjunct Professor, JC Institute of Ageing, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China. The focus was more toward policy interventions that are effective in reducing the vulnerabilities of old age people.
10 August, 2017
  • PERI organized a seminar on "Revenue Optimization and Expenditures Preferences" held in Pearl Continental Hotel to solicit specific stance and recommendations on provincial budget 2017-18 by different stakeholders.
8 May, 2017
  • PERI team has attended a technical session titled "Demands Side Financing, Voucher Program of Family Planning; Findings from Endline Survey and Future Research" organized by The David & Lucile Packard Foundation at PC hotel on 24th April, 2017
24 April, 2017
  • "Sharing experience of Changa Pani Project" by Mr. Nazir Watoo at PERI                 
01 Augat, 2016
  • Launch of Study Report titled "Market Analysis for Value Chain and Olive Oil Consumption in Pakistan" at Planning & Development Department
25 May, 2016
  • "Human Capital Investment and Economic Growth in Punjab" by Prof. Dr. Masudul Alam Choudhury - University of Toronto, Canada
25 April, 2016
  • "Agriculture Price Policy: Building Equity, Efficiency and Food Security" by Dr. Asif Saeed Khan - University of Aukland, New Zealand

04 January, 2016

  • “Willingness To Pay For Clean Water Supply Service: A Case Study of Sialkot” by Muhammad Hassam Shahid
2 December, 2015
  • "Assuring High Quality Research for Evidence Based Policy Making” by Nikola Balvin (PysD) – Knowledge Management Specialist and “Ethics in Research and Evaluation” by Gabrielle Berman (PhD)

 09 October, 2015 

  • “Effective Literature Review in Research” 
18 August, 2015
  • Pakistan’s Cotton and Textile Economy: Inter Sectoral Linkages and effects on Rural and Urban Poverty
  • Global Imperatives for Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Higher Education Examining Constraints and Possibilities for Developing Countries
  • Livelihood Asset Status Tracking (LAST) System 
  • Rural Growth and Poverty Reduction in Pakistan
  • ​Comparative Advantage of Major Crops in Punjab – Pakistan: An  Application of Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM)
  • Micro Finance: A Tool for Poverty Alleviation
  • Impact of Zero Tillage Sowing of Wheat in Rice - Wheat Zone of Punjab