Core Team


Dr. Shahid Adil
Former Additional Secretary P&D Board
PhD Economics (PU)
Dr. Muhammad Avais Tahir
Chief of Research
PhD Agri. Econ. (UAF), MPhil Economics,
MSc (Hons.) Agri. Econ. (UAF)
Khawar Ata 
Research Economist
MA Economics (Punjab University)
Muhammad Shahzad Sardar 
Research Economist / Secretary PERI
M.Phil (UMT)
M.A Economics (Punjab University)
Dr. Shahzada M. Naeem Nawaz
Research Fellow
PhD Economics (IIUI),
Dr. Ayesha Ashraf
Research Fellow
PhD Economics (Germany)

Dr. Sobia Rose
Research Fellow
PhD Environmental and Resource Economics (UAF)
Dr. Muhammad Irfan Malik
Associate Research Fellow
PhD Econometrics (IIUI)
M.Phil Econometrics (IIUI)
Asima Ihsan
Associate Research Fellow
M.Phil Economics (Lahore Leads University)
M.A Economics (B.Z.U Multan)

Imtiaz Ahmad
Associate Research Fellow
P.hD Scholar (NUST, Islamabad)
M.Phil Business Economics (BNU, Lahore)

Uzooba Hureem
Staff Sociologist
M.Phil Anthropology (Quaid-i-Azam University)
MA Sociology (Punjab University)
Mohammad Ismail
Computer Programmer / Data Analyst
MS Computer Science (Univeristy of Lahore)
MSc Computer Science (Punjab University College of Information Technology)
Muhammad Nadeem
Assistant Research Fellow
M.Phil Economics (Punjab University)
Muhammad Hassan Hameed Khan
Assistant Research Fellow
M.Sc Economics (Queen Mary University of London)
BSc Economics and Finance(LSE)
Muhammad Rashid Hussain
Assistant Research Fellow
MBA Finance (LSE)
Mannan Hassan Khan
Assistant Research Fellow
BSc(Hons) Economics, GC University
Sajid Amin
Assistant Research Fellow
MS Economics, (IIUI)
Adnan Ashraf
Network/System Engineer
MS Computer Science, (UAF)
BSc (Hons) Computer Science, UET Lahore
Novaira Junaid
Associate Reserch Fellow
Ph.D Scholar (University of Lahore)
MS Public Policy, (Beaconhouse National Univesity)
Ume Farwa
Assistant Reserch Fellow
MPhil Applied Economics, (FC College, Lahore)
Zubair Khalid Saleemi
Associate Research Fellow
MPhil Applied Economics, (FC College, Lahore)
Qaiser Mustafa
Communication Specialist
M.A Mass  Communication, (Punjab University)
Muhammad Awais
Procurement Specialist
MS ESME Managment, (GCU Lahore)
Zubair Tanveer
Staff Economist
MPhil Economics, (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)
BS Economics (Gold Medalist), UOG 
Haroon Masroor
Graphic Designer
MS Multimedia and Arts, (National College of Arts, Lahore)