International Journal/Articles

International Journal/Articles

  1. Financial requirement to achieve health-related SDGs in Punjab by Asima Ihsan, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment Read/Download

  2. Measuring the Efficiency of Tertiary Care Hospitals and Medical Colleges in Punjab, an Application of Non- Parametric Approach DEA by Asima Ihsan, Asian online Journals Read/Download

  3. Public Subsidies on Health and Nutrition in Punjab: Do the Poor Benefit? by Asima Ihsan, International Knowledge Sharing Platform Read/Download

  4. Social Exclusion of Farmers of Arid Areas by Uzooba Hureem, Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies Read/Download

  5. Enhancing Agriculture Efficiency: The Differential Impact of Communication Technologies and Other Modernization Techniques by Annus Azhar*, Dr. M. Avais Tahir** Khawar Ata*** and Dr. Shahid Adil****  Read/Download

  6. The Effects of Agglomeration on Socio-economic Outcomes: A District Level Panel Study of Punjab by Annus Azhar and Dr. Shahid Adil Read/Download

  7. An Inquiry into Social Capital and Economic Growth Relation and Determinants of Social Capital: A Worldwide Perspective by Muhammad Nadeem Read/Download

  8. An Empirical Analysis of Globalization, Diversity and Social Cohesion by Muhammad Nadeem Read/Download

  9. Going-Over Health Performance in Punjab: District and Division Wise Analysis by Muhammad Nadeem Read/Download

  10. Price Inefficiency and Hegemony in Textile Manufacturing Industry of Punjab: A Data Envelopment Analysis by Muhammad Nadeem Read/Download

  11. Estimate the economic cost of achieving WASH-related SDGs targets in Punjab by Uzooba Hureem, Asma Ihsan,  Dr Mumtaz Anwar Chaudhry Read/Download

  12. Economic reforms package neglects environment by Dr Sobia Rose Read/Download

  13. The epidemiology of traffic crashes by Dr Sobia Rose Read/Download

  14. Pathways to green development by Dr Sobia Rose Read/Download

  15. The power of flower By Dr Sobia Rose and Muhammad Hassan Danish Read/Download