Dec 04, 2019



Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI) offers internships (for a period of six months) to candidates having minimum 16 years of education in the field of Economics or related discipline recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and having interest in evidence-based socio-economic policy research on issues of provincial and national importance. Selected internees will be paid monthly stipend of PKR 10,000/-. There is no age limit for participation in this programme. Applications may be submitted to Director PERI office.

Nov 29, 2019
Nov 15, 2019                                                  

Welcome Note

“I am pleased to welcome the new staff recently inducted in PERI and hope that by virtue of their academic qualifications, capabilities, skills and rich experience, the new staff will further strengthen the organization in near future.”

To the Punjab’s leading provider of socio-economic insight on evidence based research by adopting a proactive and new ideas orientation to assist in policy formulation. A dynamic and vibrant research institute that provides analytical inputs for the formulation.
PERI conduct research on important socio-economic issues as maybe desired or authorized by the Government, compile data and public result of such research to advise and make...