Jan 31, 2019


January 31, 2019                                                  

Job opportunities for Disable Persons

Job opportunities for disable persons only at PERI. For advertisement please check job section.

Jan 25, 2019


January 25, 2019                                                  

Meeting on Punjab Growth Model

A meeting to discuss the Punjab Growth Model was held on January 25, 2019 in PERI. During the meeting, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha, Mr. Usman Khan, Economics Faulty LUMS and Director (PERI), Dr. M. Aman Ullah discussed the Punjab Growth Model with PERI Team. The Punjab Growth Model will be grounded on concrete evidence and will make best use of the available economic variables and policy instruments.

To the Punjab’s leading provider of socio-economic insight on evidence based research by adopting a proactive and new ideas orientation to assist in policy formulation. A dynamic and vibrant research institute that provides analytical inputs for the formulation.
PERI conduct research on important socio-economic issues as maybe desired or authorized by the Government, compile data and public result of such research to advise and make...